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Thórsmörk (Icelandic: Þórsmörk) is a mountain ridge in Iceland that was named after the Norse god Thor (Þór). It is situated in the south of Iceland.


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“Unexplored paths lead to undiscovered treasures.”  ― Constance Chuks Friday

Untitled by Emerald Shatto, via Bridal Veil Falls, BC


I want to stand here and be humbled by how many beautiful things there are in this great big world beautiful summer spring reflective lake surrounded by mountains with snow

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Im Aaron, I love to live, and live to love. I love to explore, adventure and try new things as frequently as I can. What is life if you never dare to see what you are truly capable of?

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Beautiful scenery and braid


jazzbruce: “Photo by Trev Lee ”

Roman Königshofer #Krieglach #Austria

hellanne: first ride. (by rawmeyn) hellanne: “ first ride.

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anotic:  Zermatt  |  Diana Gurley McGaw

A well traveled woman : Photo

Le persone allegre sono come la luce del sole… rallegrano tutti coloro che le circondano… (H.Ward Beeker)

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The edge of a rocky cliff leads strait down to the sea.

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grace–upon–grace: Alexandra Taylor - An Early Morning Walk

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What a wonderful way to see new places, live simply, and chase adventure!

.That looks beautiful but I would be standing that  close to the edge

gonna live right behind this waterfall in paradise

morning is here <3 amazing view #Camping  #trekking  #nature  #outdoor  #hiking  #survival  #HikingTrails  #adventure  #photography  #dog  @geardoctors

morning is here <3 amazing view #Camping #trekking #nature #outdoor #hiking #survival #HikingTrails #adventure #photography #dog @geardoctors