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JOS-HENRI PONCHIN (1897-1962) 1931 Located in what is today the southern third of Vietnam, the Cochinchine region is best known for the city of Saigon. Unlike many other posters from this series which focus on famous monuments or natural wonders, this design simply gives us a dignified older woman gazing languidly out at us, the Mekong River calmly lapping against the boat behind her.

[Hanoi, under French colonialism] The 4 most beautiful women of Hanoi Ancient Town in 1930s: cô Phượng Hàng Ngang, cô Síu Cột Cờ, cô Nga Hàng Gai, cô Bính Hàng Đẫy

7-1948 French propaganda poster hanging on building, in French Indo China. Saigon by VIETNAM History in Pictures (up to 1954), via Flickr

JOS-HENRI PONCHIN (1897-1962) 1931. Prior to 1945, central Vietnam was known as Annam. Here, a middle-aged woman is shown walking away from the citadel monument in the former capital of Hué. Below, to cameos depict other important structures within the complex, including the entrance to the Forbidden Purple City.