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Happy (Drawing by Unknown) #SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs

Artist Jordy Lakiere created Hobbit-like renderings of Snow White's seven dwarves.

Grumpy | See a Graphic Artists Vivid Depiction of Snow Whites Seven Dwarves In Real Life | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce

See a Graphic Artist’s Vivid Depiction of Snow White’s Seven Dwarves In Real Life

Snow White:  If Disney's 7 #Dwarves Were Real Men ~ #Dopey.

If Disney's 7 Dwarves Were Real Men

Graphic artist Jordy Lakiere has spent his free time recently imagining what the seven dwarves from Disney’s Snow White would look like in real life…

Racebent Disney Girls Part 2: Mulan (Native American), Pocahontas (Pacific Islander), Kida (Maori), Jane (Korean), Eilonwy (African/Fula), Esmerelda (Moroccan), Merida (Brazilian), Rapunzel (Mexican), Elsa (Inuit), Anna (Inuit).:

Mulan: (Native American) Pocahontas: (Pacific Islander) Kida: (Maori) Jane: (Korean) Eilonwy: (African/Fula), Esmerelda:(Moroccan) Merida: (Brazilian), Rapunzel:l (Mexican), Elsa: (Inuit) Anna: (Inuit)

Disney Fun fact about The Emperor's New Groove. #Disney #DisneyFact

Something you probably missed while watching The Emperor’s New Groove. The cactus turns into a llama!- I have seen this movie times and have NEVER noticed that!

Lol I love that movie too

Move over, Flynn Ryder. There was, in fact, a Disney hero before you who questioned why everyone was singing. - Enchanted is SERIOUSLY top 5 favorite movie!

Personagens Disney em versões hiper realistas Aurora (A Bela Adormecida)

Realistic portrait of Aurora (or Briar Rose) from the Disney movie "Sleeping Beauty", by Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen