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Someone needs to teach them to walk quietly. #noisysquirrels #isthatasquirreloradeer

squirrels can be so annoying / Unique items for unique people/ outdoor enthusiasts/ www.


makes me think of my hubby Robbins Hancock he took a picture just like this the other day hunting*So true. If I'm not shooting my bow I'm thinking about shooting my bow!


Dear Santa: Do not eat any cookies from WA or CO this year . May cause drowsiness.

Have a little more respect for your food, seriously! i have never understood people who hate hunting because they think it is unkind and unfair to the animals. like, i didnt hear you saying that over your McDouble did I

I have no problem admitting to eating cows that have gone thru this. Bc we are humans.and stupidly destroy everything, like this.

I rather sit in a tree stand all day

Little Known Ways To Go Fishing In Anambas With Mens Fishing Shirts Funny Life. Residents choose to do fishing activities when unable to go to sea bec.

If your man doesn't know how to hunt or fish, you have a girlfriend!

‘Duck Dynasty’ Reversal: What A&E Said Last Week – and Today

Mindy Arthurs loves inspiring women to hunt. Please vote for her to be the 2014 Extreme Huntress at www.facebook.com/extremehuntress and www.extremehuntress.com.

And the connection between hunting-fanatics and god-fanatics goes on. I think it makes sense. They adore a god that loves to kill their sons and don't see nothing wrong with killing innocents as well.

#hunting #bowhunting #outdoors http://www.facebook.com/LeeAndTiffany

#hunting #bowhunting #outdoors http://www.facebook.com/LeeAndTiffany

Taste it. Don't waste it!  #CelebrateTheHunt

Venison Recipes, Cooking Wild Game & How To's

<3 We were always told to be back from playin' in the woods at "dark thirty" and ALL of us knew what that meant!!

Now that the spring turkey-hunting season is nearly upon us, you should find the right shotgun. As turkey hunting has become increasingly popular, more and