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3 Act Math for Unit Rates

3 Act Math for Unit Rates

Middle School Math. You choose a career and solve math problems that you might find in that career.

Games that model the math used in the real life careers. Above the games is a link to a quick article with discriptions of exactly what types of math are used, and what they are used for.

Math Menus....great for differentiation!  Would work well for Lit stations too!

math menu - lots of different math options - great for stations or for students who finish early. This is grade, but is a good idea.j GREAT idea!

Division Man

this & making mini posters right now for my kiddos! Division Man anchor chart and lots of other great math chart ideas! Love it :)

Math Techniques and Strategies: Interactive Bulletin Boards

Kind of cute for helping students to remember positive, negative, undefined and zero. Have the kids walk outside, and experience the different slopes. Walk them up to a wall and ask them to keep walking to experience undefined slope.