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The Ancient of Days Setting a Compass to the Earth - William Blake: frontispiece to Europe a Prophecy (copy D in the British Museum)

Before the storm ~ artist Iveta Abolina Click here to download When the Earth was the center of the universe (via www.laboiteverte....) Click here to download Magic Click here to download Click here to download Sarah Eis / settlers Click here to download

The French street artist based in Paris Charles Leval makes beautiful drawings in black and white that he subtly integrates with urban structures he uses as essential elements of his works, a support freely available....

The Ptolemaic system uses epicycles to explain why the planets do not appear to orbit in perfect circles around the Earth. Some, like Mars, appear to move backwards before moving forwards again in large loops. It looks like God is painting.

Satellites orbiting Earth “ Remake & update of my satellites infographic showing the up-to-date data of So, what’s up there? How many countries have stuck satellites up into space, how...

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