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The 75 Most Important Women of the Past 75 Years

The 75 Most Important Women of the Past 75 Years

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Unforgettable | 1937  Portrait of Mildred Hansen Baker by Prentice Herman Polk, 1937. Anacostia Community Museum, Washington D.C.

Mildred Hansen Baker, 1937 Prentice Herman Polk, photographerGelatin silver print, Community MuseumSpecial Estate of P. Polk and South Light Prentice Herman Polk was born in in Bessemer, Alabama.

How Did This Former Slave Become The Wealthiest Black Woman In Los Angeles? – Financial Juneteenth

Bridget "Biddy" Mason (August 1818 in Hancock County, Georgia – January 1891 in Los Angeles, California) was an African American nurse, and a California real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Know your history

Know our history: CNN, ABC, The Today Show, HLN & TIme Warner, don't want U to know; the truth is power !

African American Man, c1890s. Missouri State Archives via Missouri Digital Heritage.

Young African American man posed standing in top hat, wool pant coat and leather gloves. He is wearing a tie and turned up collar.

History has credited Thomas Edison with the invention of the light bulb, but fewer people know about Lewis Latimer‘s innovations toward its development. Until Latimer’s process for making carbon filament, Edison’s light bulbs would only burn for a few minutes. Latimer’s filament burned for several hours.

Lewis Howard Latimer, patented a method for making carbon filaments, allowing light bulbs to burn for hours instead of minutes. Latimer also drafted drawings that helped Alexander Graham Bell receive a patent for the telephone.