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From House Beautiful 3/15. Her website has book for sale on making these beautiful flowers.

grandinroad catalogue price not too bad for 4 but cant tell quality

Paper to Petal: 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand / Book Trailer

I've long been a fan of Thuss + Farrell, an amazing husband and wife duo who design, style, photograph, and art direct. Their their newest book, Paper to Petal, is like eye candy full of the coolest projects showing how...

Final project inspiration: I love the cutout look that this accomplishes, and while I don't necessarily want my final product to be the Halloween-y, I definitely like the white color contrasted with the neutral skin tone. This pretty/ugly contrast is very intriguing to me as a concept that can be portrayed through makeup.

Paper flower book from Thuss + Farrell (100 Layer Cake)

Tissue Paper Flower Runner: Use around 8 sheets of tissue paper for each flower and punched all 8 layers at once. Staple together your stack of flowers (3.5 inch size). Scrunch up your first flower layer to the center. Repeat with each layer and then fluff back out to form flower. Adhere the flowers to a base of book pages border punched down each side to add to the elegant feel. Be sure to adhere both the pages and flowers altogether.

Paper Crafts = Hanna Nyman Paper poetry by Stockholm based designer and print designer Hanna Nyman. WebShop on website.