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Guided Reading Observations Checklist Copy this page back and front to have an easy-to-use checklist when reading in small groups. Having all students (up to 6) from the same reading group on the one page, makes it easy for the teacher to quickly tick off things that are observed or take notes without having to leaf through several pieces of paper.

I have...Who has...Inferences Game

Inferences-I Have, Who Has game

Current Events Worksheet for Middle & High School - FREE

The activities in this resource are intended to be used as a warm-up (or wrap-up) activity in the math classroom. They are designed to get students...

Picture Perfect Writing Prompts

Parrot grooming is a necessary *chore* to keep your buddy’s beak and nails healthy (and happy)… and you are a VERY caring parent. But your parrot buddy doesn’t like grooming.  Whi…

Looking for a list of activities your students can do when they are finished with their work? It's that 5-10 minute or more block of time when oth...

Problem Trail: Back To School Algebra 1

This is a self-checking Problem Trail/Scavenger Hunt for Algebra 1 for the 1st week of school. I use this Problem Trail as an introduction to the Algebra 1 course. It allows me to quickly recognize strengths and weaknesses of my students. Some of the topics included are ones I hope my students will come to my class only needing to review (i.e. order of operations). Other topics, such as writing consecutive number expressions, are simply introduced here.