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Horse #Horse #horses #animals #animal #nature #photo #photography #fliiby #images #yyazilim #people #nature

Horse #Horse #horses #animals #animal #nature #photo #photography #fliiby #images #yyazilim #people #nature

One of the greatest Thoroughbred photos ever taken. And some say, "Horses don't have personalities."

"The Savage" The race was the 1980 Tremont stakes with Great Prospector savaging the winner, Golden Derby. This is the famous ECLIPSE AWARD WINNING PHOTO taken by the noted New York track photographer Bob Coglianese.

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Man o' War died quietly on November 1, 1947 at the age of 30 (his age in this photo). Man o'War was eventually moved to the Kentucky Horse Park, where the original burial site was recreated. More than 50 years after his death, he still attracts thousands of visitors anually. And in the words of Will Harbut, Red's groom, he is still the "mostest hoss."

Man o' War died November 1947 at the age of 30 (his age in this photo). In the words of groom Will Harbut, he is still the "mostest hoss.

Secretariat at the Belmont by Tony Leonard | June 9,1973 | Taken just before the race which he won by 31 lengths

Secretariat at the Belmont is one of equine photographer Tony Leonard’s most well-known photos. It was his wife Adelle’s idea to airbrush the groom out of the photo. Leonard passed away on July Big Red died in Love this horse--and the movie.

Photo from the 1973 Belmont, where Secretariat finished by 31 lengths and became the 1973 Triple Crown winner.


Only 11 horses in the 137 years of the Triple Crown have captured horse racing's greatest achievement, sweeping the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. The horse who achieves this is forever recognized as a Triple Crown winner.

Man O' War with beloved groom Will Harbut. Man O'War died just 4 weeks after Will's passing, those close said it was of a broken heart, missing his best friend. Man O' War was the first horse to be embalmed, and the casket was lined in his racing colors. His funeral was broadcast internationally on the radio, with thousands paying their respects and sending condolences.

Man O' War with Will Harbut. "The MOSTEST horse!' You can never have too many photos of Man O'War! Or too many pictures of Will Harbut & Man O' War.a love story.