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Good one! There are many reasons why I could never make it as a teacher. Mostly because I am brutally honest to a fault.

and then they end up owning Burger King . at least the teacher helped them find direction!

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence… level 10 girl crush

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence…

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence. I love her! you know, normal. I love how she knows she's famous but acts like she is just like everyone else and how she REALLY cares about what young girls are going to be like when we grow up.

I don't work on Fridays

Friday - I wish this were more true though! I end up being super busy way too often on Friday!

Just Sayin', if ya don't know, now ya know!

Dang straight I can be ;) and i'm not pregnant anymore, im alot more feisty

Miley Cyrus  Christmas Ball

This Is The Miley Cyrus Tree Ornament Add-On You Want And Need

Best Christmas prank ever! Add this to someone's tree while you're visiting this holiday season. This Is The Miley Cyrus Tree Ornament Add-On You Want And Need

Growing up with siblings

Growing up with siblings

The second one is so true! My older brother and I still do that and we're 18 and pinner. For my siblings, the second one down is accurate, they rarely get me toilet paper when there is none.

I'm sure they won't! Like always :p

Doubt any boy would. I mean come on, no guy want to make me smile. Girls repost and see if any can make you smile>>>> I bet no guys have the balls to comment