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Taoism is the simultaneous cultivation of body and mind. It is both a religion and a philosophy. This group is for any followers of the Great Way. The religion of Taoism is better practiced than spoken of. The philosophy of Taoism is best laid out in the Lao Tzu Ching, Lieh-tzu Ching, and the Chuang Tzu Ching, and many other canon texts are important.

The Seven Virtues of the True Path

There has always been a code to seeking enlightenment. This code of all universal understanding is pure beauty and simplicity at its finest. It has been called the Seven Virtues of the True Path.

Alan Watts on the Antidote to the Loneliness of the Divided Mind, Our Integration with the Universe, and How We Wrest Meaning from Reality

“If the universe is meaningless, so is the statement that it is so… The meaning and purpose of dancing is the dance.”