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A neon-sconce in the garden of the #NewYorkCity terrace

A neon-sconce in the garden of the #NewYorkCity terrace

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I see the once blinding city lights, as a giant spotlight that lights up the whole city for the people living there dreams down below ~JFA

Aglow: This photo represents Aglow. The neon light signs in the back are blured out using a low DOF. The lights glow is shown as a reflection in the street.


Bright- This photo is bright because the lights have high intensity and are almost blinding. Elements of this photo include color, leading lines, depth of field, closed composition and perspective.what color is your ego?

Leaving on a jet plane... Going across the pond

This is Stockholm, and it& sadly not my picture, but it reminds me of so many night landings in Chicago from my childhood. City lights from the window seat of an airplane& like it in the world.