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The Milky Way Over Yellowstone Will Take Your Breath Away.

Solitary Geyser in Yellowstone Park is anything but solitary this night. While it steams and erupts so does a large eruption from the Lion Group far below. Additionally 2 Perseid meteors flash across the vista


The Milky Way and the pyramids of Egypt: The three pyramids of Giza are in perfect alignment with the 3 stars of Orion’s belt.

Let these amazing submissions remind you of the vastness of the universe.

Lone Tree In Utah by Arthur Rosch

You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself. ~Alan Watts (I am in love with this thought!

Awesome aurora borealis/

Symphony of Northern Lights~~Atigun Pass-Dalton Highway, Alaska~~by Tom Charoensinphon.~~I've only experienced the Northern Lights a few times;

The Weirdest Clouds formation You Probably Haven’t Seen Before | Bored Daddy

"Smeared skies, Lake Ontario, Canada" It’s one of a series by photographer Matt Molloy. His “timestack” technique uses timelapse video footage to create a single still where the clouds look like brushstrokes.

Beautiful Places...Moon Bridge, Taipei, Taiwan, photo by bbe022001 via Flickr.

Jindai Bridge, Dahu Park (Taipei, Taiwan) Known as the "Moon Bridge", it gets its name from the perfect circle that forms thanks to the arch's reflection in the calm water of the pond.

Beautiful Life... | Rambling Rose Studio | Billie Moan, Colorful Seasons, Stamping up

Has spring finally arrived in your part of the world? There just are no adequate words to describe this season of the year. Everything is so full of life.