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˚Young specimen of Cyptotrama aspratum. Coachwood Glen, Blue Mountains, Australia by Ken Beath

Aspergillus fumigatus

Mold The mold Aspergillus fumigatus is widespread in nature. On glucose agar it forms smoke-gray colonies at 37 ° Celsius, at low temperatures it is green. It is one of the most common Aspergillus species. Scanning electron microscope, (at

Pixie’s Parasol, Mycena interrupta  Betts Vale, Tasmania

clusterpod: “ Pixie’s Parasol, Mycena interrupta Betts Vale, Tasmania ”

pink earth lichen...that look like mushrooms

pink earth lichen, Dibaeis baeomyces :: unscientific, but reminds me of mini-marshmallows!

This artist turned deadly viruses into beautiful glass sculptures.

Artist Luke Jerram creates glass sculptures of viruses and other microbiology: avian flu (oval)

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Elegant Pink Mushrooms, so pretty and unusual. I have always loved Pink. I know it's in Vogue right Now, But it's always been my favorite Color. My bedroom furniture as a Girl was all Pink. I had the coolest room. Thanks Mom.

Stand here for a minute and breathe it in deeply.  You can feel the quiet stillness, the hushed woods.

Shelter of the Porch - The old school at the restored Hensley Settlement, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Kentucky. I have been here beautiful place

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Shades Of Yellow Color Names For Your Inspiration

tylopilus felleus...Looks like a tree with a hugs trunk in a miniature land

Looks like a tree trunk in a miniature land

purple by "heartbeatz"

Path of tears and smiles by =Oer-Wout, mystic foggy road covered in lavender lilac flower petals in magic fairy forest woodland, misty, flower trees