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Consciousness...reading "The Untethered Soul", Michael Singer on consciousness, recommended!

It's time for us to wake up in this Dream we have called life. Unlike the zombies in most genre movies, the ability to wake up is always present and represents our true birthright. Search for what's true until you find it.

Regret is what i'm left with..

Live life, take chances no matter how scary it seems.no regrets.just chances taken because we only live once -

Wow. Imagine that. He was so young the first time she did this but she always denies that she did anything as if it’s not her fault that he feels like he does towards you.

The parent (mothers mostly)in full care for the child has a huge responsibility and teaching them to hate their father in most cases . Will only destroy the relationship between mother and child.

Grappige vriendschapskaart uil 1 #valentijnskaart #grappig #hout

Grappige vriendschapskaart uil