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*MICHAEL & WENDY ~ Peter Pan, 1953 this would be adorable for a shared room (M.Cheatwood) this reminds me of Whitney and Tysen!

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myminimalart: “ Minimal Film Poster - Mulan © 0011101000110011 ” There’s something rather phallic about this poster, but all things considered, I guess that’s appropriate.

Pixar movies are my childhood. I grew up watching Toy Story over and over again. Then came Monster's Inc. and so forth, until I fell deeply in love with the beautiful stories and wonderful characters. I hope to get all the movies so I can watch them again and again.

Celebrating 25 Years of Pixar (Luxo Jr. Variant) by Dave Perillo - Montygog's Art-O-Rama!


Minimalist Peter Pan poster by Citron Vert on Deviant art. And then click thru to see way more—they're all awesome!

Disney Classics 14 Peter Pan by Hyung86 on DeviantArt

"laughter is timeless imagination has no age and dreams are forever" Current Residence: Renteria (San Sebastian) Favourite genre of music: Jazz, Soul, Pop Favourite style of art: Vector Art Operati.

Disney Minimalists by David D, via Behance

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [William Cottrell David Hand, «Disney Minimalist Author: David D

Peter panの画像 プリ画像

This picture is secretly sad! In the movie you see the famous part where Peter and the Darlings are standing on Big Ben.well in this picture Peter is standing there.

Peter Pan

My cousin's baby shower is today, so my sister and I spent yesterday getting her baby present all ready for both the shower and today's Sho.

Silhouettes - Peter Pan.

My poor future child has no choice, they are going to have a peter pan nursery, whether it& a boy or a girl!