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Love it!  Too funny. We're so blessed to have them all. :)

I was planned. I was not. Me neither. View "Harsh Triplet Baby T-Shirts" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

New acronyms to learn…

Senior Texting Code funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious age humor texts stories funny jokes.I found this hilarious for some reason!

How double negatives work in English                                                                                                                                                      More

Funny pictures about Jury of English Majors. Oh, and cool pics about Jury of English Majors. Also, Jury of English Majors.

Mega Flicks.....   bad choice of font.

Another unfortunate case of bad kerning (letter spacing) and poor font choice! This is why it is important to hire a professional to design your logo!

Gee there's a surprise!!

Funny Signs from Around the World: Mr. from Concan, Texas sent in this photo she took on a road trip. You’d think the first thing this lawyer would’ve done after passing the bar would be to legally change his name.

Anyone caught exiting thru this door wi;; be asked to leave!

Fail sign: anyone caught exiting thru this door will be asked to leave

And The ‘You Had One Job’ Award Goes To…

And The ‘You Had One Job’ Award Goes To…

In fine print at the bottom, it says "Also, the bridge is out ahead." Too Funny!!!

Why Do We Ignore Safety and Warning Signs – Sometimes With Tragic Results? We have all seen and had a chuckle at “Caution This Sign Has Sharp Edges” with the very fine print: “also, the bridge is out ahead”. We […]


14 People Making The Best Of Bad Situations

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Menswear? I KNOW I saw the guy who wears these eating @ Maggiano's one night.  It's true!...ask my friend Sue.

I KNOW I saw the guy who wears these eating @ Maggiano's one night.ask my friend Sue.

nude beach, funny signs

The nude people I get but waffles! Who the fudge is eating waffles at the beach?


We have rounded up some bizarre and funny clothing tags that make absolutely no sense. Is it just me? I've never read something bizarre on a clothing tag. I'm gonna start paying closer attention.