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The Best Advice My Kid Has Ever Gotten

What's the best advice your kid has ever gotten?

11 Comical Make-Believe Games Little Kids Got Caught Playing (PHOTOS)

Do your kids have fun making "soup" out of nature in the backyard? Then you'll relate to this list of games kids make up!

5 Things '80s Kids Did Growing Up That Our Children Will Never Understand

Can you believe it? Our kids will NEVER do these things.

Making Kids Use 'Mr.' & 'Mrs.' Isn't Teaching Them Respect

Recently I met a who said, "It's nice to meet you, Ms. Dutton." I was floored -- my typically greets strangers wi...

10 Kitchen Shortcuts Every Mom Should Have Up Her Sleeve

Super-simple way to peel an orange -- good for the kids to learn!

This Open Letter Will Change the Way You Look at Your Friends Without Kids

This open letter will change the way you look at your friends without kids.

Kelly Clarkson Is Done Having Kids & Her Reasons Why Are So Damn Relatable

Kelly Clarkson is done having kids and her reasons are so damn relatable.

6 Ways My Life Was Easier When I Had 1 Kid

6 Ways My Life Was Easier When I Had 1 Kid | #4 is SO true!

Want some cheese with that whine?

6 Reasons Moms Can't Wait to Send Their Kids Back to School | Time for girl time!