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Officers with strange weapons, setting inspiration ArtStation - 1920 - dark infantry, Jakub Rozalski

So Garrus is back in Mass Effect 2, yeah? With the codename 'Archangel' to boot <3 As a fangirl of his, I dream that such a scenario is possible with FemShep <3 But if such a romanc...

Shakarian, cuz Garrus is and shall always be my favorite romance in a game ever.

Jakub Rozalski

Illustration commemorating attack of the Nazi Germany on Poland, September 1939 and beginning of the WWII.

Outlast: Good night, darling by Relina-ru

Outlast: Whistleblower Good night, darling by Relina-ru (Eddie Gluskin comic / fan art)


::equipment from a former age, left to rust and molder:: ArtStation - 1920 - retired veteran, Jakub Rozalski

Wolfenstein: The New Order - Batons by torvenius

ArtStation - Concept art from Wolfenstein: The New Order - Batons, axel torvenius

such a strong and creative advert. we are all looking and whats new and coming out in the different seasons, but what about people who dont have the chance to even get something warm enough for winter? its not a style they are looking for, its anything warm that they can get their hands on. so do something and donate, even clothes you dont use, it can benefit some people so much and mean the world to them.

Poignant Posters: Winter Collection "New Ark mission of India dressed up poor street kids in their everyday clothes then photographed them"