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Oat Bran-Applesauce Mini Muffins Dates and applesauce -- full of fiber, vitamins, and natural sugars -- create a complex caramel flavor when combined with honey. Makes 24 muffins calories each). Get the Muffin Recipe

My Kitchen Escapades: Applesauce Oat Bran Muffins

Applesauce Oat Bran Muffins

Applesauce Oat Bran Muffins - subbed honey for brown sugar (same amount), used melted coconut oil for "oil", used cup applesauce and 1 banana mashed (in place of cup apple sauce) Healthified!

Applesauce Cinnamon Oat Muffins- these taste amazing and are healthy too! #breakfast

Applesauce Cinnamon Oat Muffins

Applesauce Cinnamon Oat Muffins- perfect breakfast muffins for the health solutions food health naturally tips care

Banana-Bran Muffins - EatingWell.com

Banana-Bran Muffins

Banana-Bran Muffins Recipe the end of the week, any bananas left in the fruit bowl are past their prime—just right for these moist bran muffins. Add a handful of dark chocolate chips to entice children to enjoy a fiber-rich treat.

Healthy oats & applesauce muffins- my toddlers favorite muffin! After weaning him off the lemon poppyseed muffin crusted with sugar from a local bakery (ok really, weaning my wife off them), she made us these. So good!

Healthy Applesauce Oat Muffins

Healthy oatmeal and applesauce muffin recipe. substitute 1 banana for each egg, use brown sugar, add nutmeg, and use vanilla soymilk instead of regular milk. Variation on "Healthy Oats and Applesauce Muffins"

Pumpkin Muffins but adapt for gf and two loaf pans. I used gf flour, oat flour and oats instead.

Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Muffins Edit: add 1 cup of brown sugar and swap cup of oil for c of apple sauce. Note: do not use papers (it sticks)

The blackberries and oat bran make this a fiber-rich snack.

Blackberry-Oat Bran Muffins

Muffins // Blackberry-Oat Bran Muffins Recipe - would reduce butter by half with applesauce and use low fat buttermilk

Applesauce Bran Muffins — Homegrown & Healthy (don't use paper liners)- Super delicious. I'll add some raisins or nuts next time for some variance.

Applesauce Bran Muffins

Applesauce Bran Muffins Save Print Author: Cook & Craft Me Crazy Ingredients c. Wheat Bran 1 c Flour 1 c. Milk ⅓ c. Baking Powder ⅔ c.

These pineapple-bran muffins can be frozen for up to 2 months. To serve, thaw, then toast if desired.

Bran Muffins with Pineapple

Bran Muffins With Pineapple From Martha:These pineapple-bran muffins can be frozen for up to 2 months. To serve, thaw, then toast if desired.

YUM!  Bran Muffin of All Bran Muffins....I've substituted greek yogurt, applesauce for oil, and quinoa flour for the ww flour.  Oh man are these glorious & HEALTHY!

Nancy Silverton’s Bran Muffins

Many of you already know of this bran muffin, a Nancy Silverton creation served at the widely adored La Brea Bakery. Made with toasted wheat bran, freshly grated orange zest, and simmered and purée.