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***You're << and yes please<<< I just looked at this and had fangirl moment and my non PERCY JACKSON friend just rolled her eyes.

This is so me I'm studying Greek myths in class wow it's awesome when my teacher asked who Hercules was I said he was "the Starbucks of Ancient Greece"and she just started to laugh and said Percy i nodded and said Percy Jackson

Divergent, Insurgent,Alliegent,Hunger Games,Catching Fire,Mockingjay,The Harry Potter books . . . it goes on and on...

__funny writing memes

Haha Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, Beautiful Creatures, anything by Nicholas Sparks...

This is me right now! I finally convinced my friend to finish divergent en start pjo, and yesterday she finally went to the library to get them!

That's what every fangirl every was thinking<<<Probably a bit more descriptive and us the word hot a lot more