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we'll show those wiggles

36 Funny Pictures Of The Day

36 Funny Pictures Of The Day

Hey now, seems someone forgot to include that basket ball player...can't remember his name,...straight out of high school...recently retired after a few losing seasons, played with the Lakers. I'm getting hungry, maybe it'll come back later...feeling like Japanese, possibly Kobe steak. Now that's a meal for winners.

Some people can cook. Some people can draw. Some people are amazing athletes. I can balance the light switch between off and on.

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Every night!

So true.my hubby always says ok who has the remote, who lost it, where did you put it? First Time Mom & Dad: Wordless Wednesday Hump Day Humor FTM Style.

I'm gonna do this one day

Funny pictures about Next time you get a call from a blocked number. Oh, and cool pics about Next time you get a call from a blocked number. Also, Next time you get a call from a blocked number.

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Candle Salad: picture brought to you by evil milk funny pics. Image related to Candle Salad

I really want this!

Luggage tags that both compliment and call for help. yes you, you very attractive person! Could you do me a favor and shout "(name)" real loud? You really are lovely. : ) # A really Awesome Idea for when your traveling.

I died laughing so hard on this

You remind me of a Russian doll. full of yourself.

15 Really Funny Short Stories

15 Really Funny Short Stories

This State Officer Pulled Over 5 Old Ladies The Reason Why Is Perfect funny quotes quote jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke humor stories

I don't agree with the sharks aren't so bad, but this made me laugh.

Well now that you put it that way...

Funny pictures about Sharks Aren’t Really That Bad. Oh, and cool pics about Sharks Aren’t Really That Bad. Also, Sharks Aren’t Really That Bad photos.

<b>Not having any of your sibling bullshit today.</b>

This baby that might now be in jail.

Hahahaha I'm sure jessi or one of my siblings did this to me.and exactly why Kaleigh needs some siblings. This photo makes me want to adopt even more! Joys of siblings.

Great comedian and awesome actor. Kinda wanna watch Mrs. Doubtfire now

Robin Williams wore it better than Kim Kardashian. gonna miss Robin Williams

I could NEVER forget Ryan Gosling... Or Channing Tatum..

ryan gosling, channing tatum and the notebook image on We Heart It

I will too.

I'm not OCD but you can count on me to turn your toilet paper in the correct position. LOL) SO TRUE!

Ha ha my ass this shit is true and ignorant people that think its a joke its not funny at all its called depopulization and do u really think ur included in that 10 percent that there saving cause ur your not none of us are

Haha. I liked this.

The Yolocaust. Lmfao even tho I'm guilty of the duckface.