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NASA Space Shuttle Launch..Great info..It's still hard to understand or believe that after $980 Billion or now more than 1Trillion Dollars invested in NASA's budget we now have to hitch a ride into space with the fine folks from Russia.

Space, the Ultimate Visual Frontier: 70+ Amazing Infographics


Les magnifiques photographies du programme spatial américain de Dan Winters

Incredible photos of America's Space Shuttle Program by Dan Winter - Art Fucks Me

Navette Atlantis

♥ To remember. "Space Shuttle" - In my teenage years. I had this picture on my wall and I was proud to NASA.

What more does a Space Shuttle infographic really need to say? Let's replace the Space Shuttle with a vehicle that can fly to mars and back!

Breathtaking new photos of Space Shuttle Discovery preparing for its final…

Breathtaking new photos of Space Shuttle Discovery preparing for its final flight

April 2012 - Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) is positioned beneath Space Shuttle Discovery in the mate-demate device at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The orbiter was mated to the modified 747 for its flight to Washington, DC on April NASA Photo:

Final Night of the Space Shuttle - Some favorite photos from Trey Ratcliff at http://www.StuckInCustoms.com

Shuttle on the launch pad, Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, FL. Gonna Miss watching these take off the double BOOM BOOM when it was coming in for a landing :-(