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In previous years, layering of clothing was done mainly for warmth in very cold regions of the world. This still takes place, however, layering is now a huge fashion statement, clothes are manufactured in layers, different colors are used, and this extends to every single item of clothes being worn

Frugal Ways to Build a Cold Frame

Frugal Ways to Build a Cold Frame --For many of us that live in the cooler temperature regions, we tend to think by this time of year, growing vegetables is hopeless. This is not really true if you make a cold frame

Winter Survival Skills That Kept The Pioneers Alive

Atacama penitentes, Chile: "The snow undergoes a process of sublimation – when ice changes directly to gas without changing to water first. The sublimation causes pits in snow that hollow out to deeper caverns. When ice sublimates in the caverns, it turns to mist – and makes the climate in the cavern wet enough for liquid to form." *Click for more, including a video.

Mapping Emotions On The Body: Love Makes Us Warm All Over

People drew maps of body locations where they feel basic emotions (top row) and more complex ones (bottom row).

The Sand Cave Hike In Virginia That’s Unlike Any Other In The World

You won't believe the incredible views this hike through Virginia has to offer.

Golden Takin (Budorcas taxicolor tibetana)...It is an endangered goat-antelope native to the Peoples Republic of China & Bhutan.They inhabit Himalayan Mountain regions.