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Clear your home of clutter (and chaos!) by following these pointers from some of the most organized homes you'll ever see. Your family will feel much less stressed when everything has its place!

12 Things All Organized Homes Have in Common

Organize your home's junk drawer with simple dividers. Dividers allow you to section drawers and keep everything in an orderly fashion. Use small dishes for loose items like loose change, tacks, rolls of stamps and paper clips.

Tension rod as pot lid holder or dividing a cabinet to hold baking sheets - 8 ways to use tension rods

You could use the tension rod across the back of a cabinet as well. I don't have large drawers. pot lids are held in place by a tension rod placed across the front of a drawer.

You can use many of your cosmetics and other beauty products for other things. Check out these hacks that will make your life easier. Try out our ideas such as quickly ironing clothes with your flat iron, using deodorant to break in new shoes and using vaseline to remove stuck-on gum.

10 Genius Home Hacks Using Your Beauty Products

Well-organized cabinets are the key to smoother mornings and relaxing evenings. Discover our best bathroom cabinet storage solutions, including answers for medicine cabinets, lower cabinets, and drawers.

pantry organization

Kitchen Organization - DIY Foil & More Organizer

Smart- add storage to pantry door! DIY:: Foil and More Organizer-Frees up much needed drawer space in the kitchen, and cost " almost nothing" ! by Shanty 2 Chic

Um pedaço de vassoura ou tubo de pvc resolve o problema de espaço

Use a tension rod to get bottles off the cabinet floor, making room for other things. Like the idea for toilet paper on a clear container under the sink.

DIY Inside Cabinet Door Shelf #PowerToolOrganization

DIY Inside Cabinet Door Shelf

Yes. This is exactly what I want to do in our kitchen. -S. How to create custom drawer dividers for silverware and junk drawers.

15 Wonderful DIY ideas to Upgrade the Kitchen 8

How to create custom drawer dividers for silverware and junk drawers. Perfect for my odd sized kitchen drawers