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Next assignment is to edit this however you want and be super creative. Make it as orginal as you want show off your own styles.  love you guys! :)

It was her favorite bow. She felt pretty fancy wearing it every time. Ella draw this

I pin purple because,it makes me happy.Güzel renk.

145+ Fabulous Designer Living Rooms

I pin because it makes me happy! Regardless of what there about I'm happy! I may be blowing off steam but I'm happy!

Chronic Migraines, Chronic Illness, Fibromyalgia, Bill Snyder, Pseudotumor Cerebri, Chiari Malformation, Alzheimers, Clemson, State University

The tiniest detail can make a drawing stand out. Just awesome ! Hyperrealism hyperrealism hyper realism realist sketch illustration of an eye emerald green iris


Magic of Prince ■ Stunning Purple ensemble ■setting the mood ●■

Picture Gallery - Courtney Kenny Art

Guardian Poster by Courtney Kenny Porto

My friend drew a realistic lion and gave it to our history teacher. My god, was I in love with that drawing. Lions are my favorite animal.

Vintage Hair Styles

Model: Andrea Gladsø Hilton M.H: Shirley Garcia Photographer and Stylist: Nancy Lastra