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Paris Smart City 2050 with 8 Plus-Energy Towers

Image 11 of 19 from gallery of Vincent Callebaut's 2050 Vision of Paris as a "Smart City". Bamboo Nest Towers from street level. Image Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architecture


Fashion Invasion: Aliens

Spain-based photographer and art director Paco Peregrín packs some serious punch. His vivid, loud style mixes high fashion with alien for eccentric photos that boast personality.

United States Capitol - On top of Capitol Hill in Washington DC, it is where the United States Congress meets.

The White House, United States Capitol building. Washington D. UpOut is the discriminating guide to the best weird events, underground culture, and unique parties.

I want to be the one to design something like this. I want to be the one to be able to take credit for something like this.

Zaha Hadid, modern architecture’s pioneer and visionary, will surpass herself with the Changsha Meixihu International Culture And Art Center in China.