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Laleh Seddigh 1977, Teheran and is an Iranian female race car driver. She races both on circuits and in rallies. She lives in Teheran and has been called the "little Schumacher" Seddigh started driving at the age of 13, taught by her father. She passed her driving test at 18. She had to get special permission from a local ayatollah in order to compete against men. Driving is nota contact sport, and on the condition that would confirm to dress-codes......

Doreen Evans, British racing driver, who was an MG works driver and competed at Le Mans (1935) at which five other female drivers also raced

Genevra Delphine Mudge

Genevra Delphine Mudge is widely considered to be the first ever female racing driver, having started her career all the way back in 1899. She was acclaimed as a talented driver and was the first woman in US history to be issued with a drivers license.

Most Polarizing People in Sports

Laleh Seddigh is a race car driver in Iran fighting for women's rights. FYI, Iran bans women from competing in sports. via

The 1981 Rally Sanremo was the maiden victory for Michele Mouton and the Audi Quattro-the first 4WD rally car in WRC

Danica Patrick, female race car driver, has competed in the IndyCar Series and the NASCAR Nationwide Series. According to NBC, "One of the most...

Giovanna Amati, Italian female racing driver for the Brabham Formula One World Championship team, but failed to qualify for a race (1992)

Kitty Brunell tunes up her AC Ace Sports engine, 1932. Kitty was known as a rally driver and would be the only woman ever to win the British RAC Rally, in 1933. She never raced competitively at any track, but did use Brooklands for tuning and circuit testing her car.