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The Fashion Doll Chronicles: Integrity Toys May 2015 release part Poppy Parker "The Model Scene" collection

Free Modest Barbie doll clothes patterns--fantasy outfits galore-- Narnia, Lord of the Rings, etc.

Guinevere OOAK Barbie doll from King Arthur movie. these are lovely, but aimed at collectors, rather than those of us making simple clothes for our granddaughters dolls.

Superhero Barbie Dolls - Supergirl - cant wait to get this and eventually add it to my collection

2008 Barbie Collector Doll Silver Label Supergirl Doll >>> Continue to the product at the image link.

Flashdance Barbie® Doll..one of our favorite movies of all time!!

Barbie Collector Doll: 2010 SDCC Comiccon Mattel Exclusive Flashdance Movie Barbie Doll >>> Find out more about the great product at the image link.

Italy Barbie® Doll                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Mattel Barbie Dolls of the World Italy Doll

Barbie Collector Doll: Barbie Dolls of The World Italy Barbie Doll *** Want to…

Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor Barbie  BARBIE HAS LOST HER SHIT. For the record, I do recognize the idea of Barbie turning into a murderous spinster is kind of awesome, but let’s be clear: It’s awesome because it’s so disturbing. A few years later, she can be packed with a decrepit, cobweb-covered wedding cake and be Miss Havisham Barbie from Great Expectations.20 Weird, Insane And Extremely Disturbing Barbie Dolls

20 Weird, Insane And Extremely Disturbing Barbie Dolls

Princess of Ancient Greece™ Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector  Collector Edition  Release Date: 12/1/2003  Product Code: B3461

Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie Doll - Dolls of The World - The Princess Collection.

Chanel Barbie doll editorial // Photo by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris

11 Real-Life Designer Barbie Dolls From Vogue Paris

Artist Jason Freeny dissects and recreates the internals of Barbies

Artist Jason Freeny dissects and recreates the internals of Barbies

Artist Jason Freeny dissects and recreates the internals of Barbies, kind of creepy.

Empress of the Aliens™ Barbie® Doll -- she's sold out already!  I think they would have been better served by giving her skin a light green tint, but she's still striking.  Would make an awesome counterpart to the Goddess of the Galaxy (Lady Gaga look alike) doll.

Barbie Collector Gold Label Empress of the Aliens Barbie® Doll - By Bill Greening. Designed by: Bill Greening. For the Adult Collector.