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Avocados are quite an amazing fruit. Did you know that they are actually berries. See 13 amazing health benefits of avocado that.

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Even if you don't like avocado, there are many recipes for substituting avocado with unhealthy fats in desserts and wallah you are getting this in your diet.JW - 19 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Avocado

Health Benefits of Avocados!

Posted by Keto Grandma Avocados can help management of blood glucose in people with diabetes fruit healthy motivation nutrition veggie weightloss avocado avocados August 24 2015 at

Coconut oil by Tuatha

Benefits of Coconut Oil. Not only is coconut oil a good superfood but it has multiple uses! LOVE me some coco oil!

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More Reasons To Eat Fruit - Fruit is one of the most healthy and natural foods in existence. There are thousands of different types of fruit available to eat, all of which provide us with strong health benefits.

The Potato Unpeeled Infographic. And, remember to eat only organic potatoes as potatoes and corn are the two primary GMO crops.

The Potato Unpeeled: Nutritional Facts & Information Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Food category. Check out The Potato Unpeeled: Nutritional Facts & Information now!

Beet juice may help lower blood pressure, according to a new study, but plenty of everyday vegetables offer similar heart health perks — like the ones in this infographic.

Eat These Veggies to Lower Blood Pressure [Infographic]

Eat Your Greens! Leafy Greens & Beetroot has been shown to confer range of vascular health benefits . 8 Produce Picks for Better Blood Pressure [Infographic]

Most of us probably gather our protein needs from a variety of meats, while our vegetarian counterparts rely on protein from eggs, nuts, and beans. How about our vegan friends? Where do they get their protein from? Protein bars and shakes and pow

First question you get when you are a vegan is "how do you get your protein? The meat industry has Americans convinced that protein = meat for their own profits. It is so *easy* to meet your protein needs as a vegan. Maybe this poster will help.

Benefits of cucumbers

Cucumber has many amazing health benefits for human body.Adding cucumber in diet will cure Cancers,Digestion,Heart Disease,Arthritis Pain,Teeth Problems

Studies have shown that you should wait 30 minutes before brushing after drinking soda, sports drinks or orange juice, and after eating very acidic foods (ie. tomato sauce). The combination of the acid with brushing can actually cause your teeth to lose enamel. Also, waiting to brush may allow the protective agents in saliva to help repair and rebuild tooth enamel damaged by acidity. #MiamiDentist

Health Benefits of Oranges - The consumption of oranges and orange juice has been shown to protect against cancer