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The Civilian Public Service Story | Living Peace in a Time of War

The Civilian Public Service Story

Mom: Clean your room. We're having guests over for dinner Me: I didn't realize dinner was being held in my room.

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

We're weighing the pros and cons of bait versus lure fishing!

Bait Vs. Lures: Which is Best For You?

We're weighing the pros and cons of bait versus lure fishing. I use the bait not most the time

County man files federal civil rights suit against sheriff’s offices in Nevada, Placer, Sacramento c | TheUnion.com

The debut exhibit in Julie Baker Fine Art's new temporary Nevada City location,

93 Carrie Stevens streamers!  Rane Olsen

Finnish fly tyer Rane Olsen decided to tie all 93 Carrie Stevens streamer patterns mentioned in Graydon R. Hilyard's book on her and the flies.

A Novice's Guide to Fly Fishing

A Novice's Guide to Fly Fishing>>poppers are the best for bass and sunfish (FYI)

تعلم معنا

Premiums Skyrocket Congress Exempts Themselves From Obamacare Provisions

Learn how to present flies to catch more fish when casting in a stream! #FlyFishing

Presentation is Everything When Casting in a Stream

The right way to present a fly in a stream while fly fishing. Improve your casting technique and catch more fish!

flie collection

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