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I was told to post here!

Nylon LED light-up dog safety collar. Helps keep your dog safer in low light conditions.

So cute.

nice gentle looking doberman pup: good rule of thumb picking puppies big paws = big dog/ wee paws = wee dog.

Golden retriever at Christmas

So sweet! He needs to be in the family Christmas photo too! Dog sleeping next to the Christmas tree. Next years christmas card!

Dachshund on Stilts! by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, via Flickr

"They told me I could anything.so I became a Doberman" My mom had a Dachshund once, she told me the little runt thought he was a Rottweiler!

Curious Dog

Curious Dog

How drugs usually work…

How drugs usually work…

Gizli seytan

We are the sheep on the road for life. And look at how happy it makes us sheep!

Let's think about it!

Creative print advertising campaign by Biocanina. The slogan ” Love him like you love yourself ” clearly wants to send a signal to every person not to neglect own pet.


Could you maybe not read any more zombie bedtime stories? Thanks, I think you're scaring the penguin. Haha I love weenie dogs!

2012 Dobermantalk Calendar August Entries (Goofy Dobes) - Doberman Forum : Doberman Breed Dog Forums

Doberman Pinschers are the best guardian dogs.They can be best describes as alert,confident,loyal,smart and affectionate dogs that are amazing pets if well trained.


This is so cute it shud b illegal Black and Tan Coon Hounds?


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Looks like my babey Rayne

Reminds me of my first Doberman. Which was my first pet growing up. His name was Hondo.