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Galloping Arabian stallion by Wojtek Kwiatkowski

Photo by Wojtek Kwiatkowski Arabian horse . this photographer takes some amazing pics of horses

horse beach puerto rico | El Oculto de La Serrania on the beach in Luquillo, Puerto Rico

A Paso Fino horse on the beach-- in Equitrekking's Horse Breed Guide. Oh beautiful beach horse

ニキータ速報: 【画像】アルビノの逆!全身黒色「メラニズム」の動物たちが神秘的すぎて話題に

world'd most strong horse - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo India Image Search results

Stunning Horse Photography by Wojtek Kwiatkowski - Dapple Grey's are my favorite, so stunning!

Purebred Barb horse

I LOOOOOOVE dark dappled greys! My very first "dream horse" was a dappled grey TB (got a TB, but he's black bay, lol), and of course I was.