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ladyvengaence: “ “Don’t dream it, be it ” The Rocky Horror Picture Show dir. Jim Sharman ”

Thurston Moore unabashedly admitted to cheating on ex-wife Kim Gordon for years in a recent magazine interview, so we called him "a dick." He has since taken to Facebook to lecture us on class and morality. Please respond with appropriate reaction gifs.

Nothing gave you more joy than collecting your last star and earning your free personal pan pizza! Your parents dreaded it because they had to spend money for their food, but as they wanted to encourage your literacy, they took you whether they could affo

Pin for Later: 17 GIFs to Remind You How Much You Love The Nightmare Before Christmas Maybe Too Many Ideas.

11 Photographer Gif-isms When the family clients you so carefully consulted with on clothing show up dressed in an assortment of stripes, polka dots, “Hello Kitty,” and one black tank top that reads:...