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Winter Solstice – Poem For A Christmas Challenge

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem. Winter Solstice And when The Lady came winged and gowned crowned with holly's leaf and berry, I knew winter had come with stories of angel fairies dancing golden c...

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Блог Колибри: Флешка "С Новым годом и Рождеством Христовым!"

Angels are believed to be immortal,live in Heaven and act as intermediaries between God and Humankind. Traditionally, pictures and poems on angels portray them having human bodies with wings sprouting from their backs. 'Wings' are said to symbolize Innocence, Virtue, Purity, Peace and Love, which place them above Humans though they are still under God. It was the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament of Christianity, which first mentions that angels had a human body and angel wings and could…

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