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Drugged as children, foster care alumni speak out! Today, Chris Nobles refuses all drugs.

Drugged as children, foster care alumni speak out! Today, Chris Nobles refuses all drugs.

10 Keys to Healing Trauma in the Foster/Adopted Child by Bryan Pos

Trauma creates fear and stress sensitivity in children. Even for a child fostered from birth, their internal systems might already be more sensitive and fearful than that of a child who has been ab…

Ideas to help your adopted/foster child sleep (sleep issues part 2) www.lovinadoptin.com #adoption #fostercare

Sleep issues are a hot topic in the adoption and foster care community. Last week I highlighted why hurting children have problems sleeping in my post, Why Adopted and Foster Children Have Sleep Is.

Your questions about foster care adoption answered in Part 4 of this series!

What is considered fun for pre-teen girl? The pre-teen stage can be hard. You probably understand that. You probably even went through all the confidence problems, wondering if you were "good enoug.

Tricia Goyer shared her foster care adoption story last week and was thrilled with your questions, so she consulted the expects to answer you!

How does foster care adoption work? Does it matter if the child is older or younger than your children? What if there are behavioral issues? Your questions answered by the experts!

Older children need permanent families too. This is not okay, and need to be fixed.

of children targeted for trafficking in the US are homeless or wards of the state. Adoption and foster care into loving, stable homes saves lives. someday I'd like to adopt some kids

You have to go into this knowing that there will be issues. We deal with some significant ones on a daily basis. I am blessed and I would do it all over again, but you just have to know.

this makes me think of my friends that are adopting. Adoption is not the call to have a perfect, rosy family. It is the call to give love, mercy and patience.