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Protein fruit bowl 🥙 *Banana *Strawberries *Blueberries *Raspberries *Greek style yogurt *Peanut butter 💪eat as is or blend into a smoothie 💪

For more fitness motivation: in-pursuit-of-fitnessFor healthy...

Today is the day!! Right NOW is the moment for ✌people! . Fear of #failure is what keeps you away from going after your #dreams. Did you guys know it took me YEARS to open up my #socialmedia agency all because I was afraid to fail?? All it took was for someone to push me and tell me the time is now- no more excuses. And now my business is better than ever! . So when it came to joining the #itWorks family, I didn't hesitate one bit because I knew how many opportunities I missed out ...

Insanity Day 2

First real work out with the insanity program. Check out how I was feeling after and let me know if you've tried it too.

Day one Insanity

Day one of Insanity, results and thoughts

My back is my pride and joy

Keeping the Holiday Sweat moving...switch it up and did a different program today. Man was it good as you can see !!! Over 50 days into my regular the program !! Weight loss ✔....cardio ✔...muscle toning ✔ !!!!

Still trying to keep things balanced over the Holidays...eating a little bit bad 😨 BUT i am kicking my ass with my workout programs !!! Side feels AWESOME when a family member looks at you and says.."you've lost weight"...

This is my vision board. It's so exciting to finally have one. Here's to all the changes to come ❤💃

Insanity day 6

WEEK ONE IS DONE!! I’m not going to lie when I say that I’m so happy that tomorrow is rest day, because I am feeling very sore. My legs hurt, my stomach hurts, and today i’m start…