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those people who want a full conversation really early in the morning, like before coffee, it's ok to kill them.


Inspirational Quotes For Your Walls

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent Una taza de café compartida con un amigo es un sabor feliz y un tiempo bien empleado


Coffee is far more than a beverage. It's an invitation to life, disguised as a warm cup of liquid. It's a trumpet wakeup call or a gentle rousing hand on your shoulder. coffee is an experience, an offer, a rite of passage, a good excuse to get together.

Look what I found! I always knew my love for chocolate and coffee stemmed from a healthy place. Speaking of chocolate and coffee, when those two things come together, it’s magic I tell you!  I mean who doesn’t like mocha frappes, mocha cupcakes, mocha ice cream, mocha milkshakes, etc.  I, for one, will never turnKeep Reading...

Chocolate is Made from Beans. Coffee is Made from Beans. Beans are Vegetables. Have You had your Veggies today?

Hehehe it's so cute! It kinda looks like you. XD @magma1313

Cold Hands, Warm Coffee looks like my jonny when we first met in 1980 with his red beard.

Ha!  I told rj i was going to fold clothes, but i am drinking coffee, eating a donut, and pintrest.  I win.

Caffeine system is right.

I told rj i was going to fold clothes, but i am drinking coffee, eating a donut, and pintrest. I win.

yawn is a silent scream for coffee

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This kind of words that makes single life seems unbearable....bummer. #i want you

I fell for your thoughts, the way that you said my name, how you make me speechless. I ache to be inside your mind, hear the whisper of every thought, get lost in your deepest desires. I want you lying down next to me.

Koffie <3

This is me pretty much EVERY morning, because there is never enough coffee.

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