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Sam the man

I'm one baaaaadddd.

THE MOST FAMOUS BRAND FROM EACH STATE!  This is Pretty Cool!  New York: Verizon Nevada: Zappos  What are the Brands from YOUR State you were Born in and or Currently Living in???   #State #Brands #StateBrands #NewYork #Nevada #Verizon #Zappos

Funny pictures about The most famous brand each state has created. Oh, and cool pics about The most famous brand each state has created. Also, The most famous brand each state has created.

I don't always fart but when I do I lean like this... | I Dont Always

The Most Interesting Man In The World - i dont always eat bath salts but when i do, i eat people

Awkward Ad Placements

Tickld Mobile - Awkward Ad Placements I may be guilty of having a sick twisted mind because this made me laugh really hard!

Six types of crappy hugs - interesting comic that shows what types of hugs are inappropriate

Hugging is considered as the universal medicine which shows love and affection towards the two persons. It is practiced at both the happy and sad occasions and makes you feel stress free.

Just made this. Need to remember if for the cook book.

"Wilford Brimley Diabeetus Guy - Ain't nobody got time for that diabetes!" I don't think diabetes is funny but I do think this commercial was so funny. If you work for Medicare this is hilarious!

Please.  We're all grown ups with educations.  Use them.

Does it REALLY take that much longer to use proper grammar? Can you tell that I HATE text language.

Site of fun definitions. Another fave: Christmas = the only time you get to sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of socks.

Except Uggs were designed to be made for surfers to wear to the beach. Love the Uggs with short shorts.