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G-Vibe 2 Sweet Raspberry G-Vibe² Sweet Raspberry 2nd Gen, is impressively smart toy for both women's and men's pleasure. Now 100% extra power as it boasts 3 powerful motors - 2 in the tips and 1 in the shaft. The smart thing is that extra power does not require more charge -4 hours on one battery! With the change of the motors' location in the tips, Gvibe 2 is now to be used by men for prostate massage. // (07) 40414069

Liberator Fascinator Throw Save the sheets for sleeping. These supremely plush throws are specially designed to slurp up love juices, lubes, lotions, and any other leftovers of sexual play. One side is an extraordinarily soft velvish, fluffy, or microfiber; the other is silky satin, making it a reversible, versatile, and titillating sex-scape. // (07) 40414069

Esse Chaise - Black Label Collection Elegant design for kink enthusiasts. This is a statement piece that adds elegance to any room, and when desire stirs, this contemporary chaise becomes wildly erotic in a matter of moments. Now Avaliable In-Store, Come In or Call and Order yours Today! // (07) 40414069

Heavenly Night Body Paint - Strawberry & Champagne These deliciously sensual Australian Made Body Paints will have you wanting to paint every part of your body ... or someone else's ... Let your imagination run wild and use this scrumptious paint to create a masterpeice on your lovers body. The perfect dessert to end a romantic meal.