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House Smallwood of Acorn Hall is a noble house from Acorn Hall in the Riverlands. Their sigil is six brown acorns, 3-2-1, on yellow. They are sworn to House Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest. Lord Theomar is the current Lord of Acorn Hall. He is the husband of Ravella Swann, who insisted that Arya be dressed as a proper high-born lady when the Brotherhood without Banners brings her to Acorn Hall.

House Baelish lords of the Fingers, sworn to Arryn House Baelish of the Vale is a young nobel house, their seat is an unnamed and an old flint tower which commands no more than a few stony acres on the smallest of the Fingers. House Baelish’s smallfolk consists of a village of a dozen families in huts of piled stone beside a peat bog. The current lord, Petyr Baelish, only the second generation of the landed family. His grandfather was a landless hedge knight and his father the smallest of…

House Jordayne of Tor, Let it be Written Sworn to house Martell, Jordayne os one of the principle houses in Dorne. Their seat of Tor is placed on the coast of the Dornish Sea. Their blazon is a golden quill on checkered dark and light green. The current lord is Trebor Jordayne.

House Cafferen, Lords of Fawnton, Sworn to Baratheon Cafferen is a noble house in the Stormlands. They blazon their arms with two white fawns counter salient on green. Lord Cafferen was originally a Targaryen loyalist during Robert’s Rebellion. He was captured at the Battle of Summerhall where Houses Fell and Grandison had intended to joint their forces to his, but Lord Robert Baratheon beat them one by one.

House Mudd, Once kings of the Riverlands. House Mudd was a noble house from the Riverlands, they blazoned their shield with a golden crown studded with emeralds on a brown field. The Mudds once ruled as Kings of the Rivers and the Hills from a castle along the Blue Fork whose ruins are now called Oldstones. They were the last of the First Men to rule the Trident, reigning for over a thousand years.

House Fossoway of Cider Hall Taste of Glory. And House Fossoway of New Barrel. Both noble houses of the Reach sworn to Tyrell House Fossoway was orgianlly one house, however in the year 209 the house split, into the green-apples (of New Barrel) and the red-apples (of Cider Hall) when Raymun Fossoway took the opposing side to his cousin Ser Steffon, the Knight of Cider Hall, in a trial by combat. Raymun Fossoway, to differentiate himself from his cousin, painted the apple on his shield in…

Casa Dondarrion de Refugio Negro. El caballero de la familia ostenta el título de Señor del Relámpago. Su escudo es un rayo púrpura en campo de sable con estrellas blancas de cuatro pintas. Región: Tierras de la Tormenta.

House Wyl, Sworn to Martell House Wyl of the Boneway is a house sworn to Sunspear. It is one of the principal houses of Dorne. They blazon their banners with a black adder biting a heel on yellow.