Photograph by Charlotte Goss, National Geographic Your Shot

Horses in the Highlands Photograph by Charlotte Goss, National Geographic Your Shot

On a roadtrip, I was driving through Montana with a girlfriend & happened upon a herd of the most gorgeous wild horses just running. We probably followed along beside them for about 1/2 mile before they veered off up the mountainside. Exciting stuff!

Mustang horses originate in North America. Native Americans used mustang horses for many purposes including labor, hunting, fighting and transportation. Today, horse enthusiasts often use mustangs in horse shows, rodeos and races.

Beautiful Icelandic Horses - Snaefellsness, Iceland

Horses - water from streams, grass in spring/summer/autumn and dry straw sticking out of the snow in winter.

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The Bureau of Land Management, the agency charged with protecting wild horses and cattle and their grazing lands, sold federally-protected wild horses to a Colorado rancher who sent them to slaughter, a new report confirmed.

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Camargue Horse is an ancient breed of horse indigenous to the Camargue area in southern France. I was astonished that they wander free -- unfenced -- along with black Camargue bulls


If you are up for an exiting adventure on your vacation, you should meet our Icelandic horses, when you travel here. A horse back ride could take you for an adrenalin race, but also for a nice and easy ride though the beautiful landscape. Either way, alon

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50 impactantes fotos de animales salvajes tomadas en el momento y lugar preciso

Icelandic horse roundup: Every September after living wild in the Highlands the 1,000 year purebred Icelandic horses are rounded up and reunited with their owners

Icelandic horses cross a river near the Þingeyrar farm in Iceland on September (Photo by Paul Taggart/Herd In Iceland)

Horses & Storm Clouds

In what Allah has sent down from the heavens of rain, giving life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness and dispersing therein every [kind of] moving creature .

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Wild stallions fight for supremacy as spring replenishes the plains below the Cincar mountains, in west Bosnia. The origin of the herd, which spends winter in the high valleys, is unknown


Here's a creature that we must learn to look and not try to domesticate! That's the beauty of mother nature.