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My entire heart hurts. (In case you thought I was talented, the source = deercutie.tumblr.com )

My entire heart hurts. (In case you thought I was talented, the source…

Tags: Anime, Humor, Humor Comic, Swearing, Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, John Egbert

John looked like that one guy from free

413_2015 - and so I guess here we are this year too 8′) Art by http://ikimaru.tumblr.com/

Another lovely work done by the wonderful ikimaru ^u^ //this is just really touching, because Dave and Dirk are staring RIGHT AT EACH OTHER, REALLY LOVINGLY, and you can really see the relationships the beta kids have with the alphas ;

BABYS' FIRST PUPATION---- look how much happier mituna is than sollux :S

Oh the Captors are so great<<Tuna looks so happy and Sollux looks so mad xD

eff9cfe5a08e2ccf377f1b83fe37557c.jpg 495×2,048 pixels

Some of these sound similar to some romances in homestuck. We roll with everything.



6865de8952dd4a06f282c14bb76fd1b4.jpg 600×4 094 bildpunkter

"We homestuck fans 'ship' so we can cry about the more simple things. Rather than the painful ones." <<< And here is a perfect example of the painful things