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Quadros com arte dos filhos na área da criatividade. Segundo o Feng Shui, o guá da Criatividade diz respeito a tudo o que se cria, filhos, projetos....

How To Decorate with the Water Feng Shui Element

A Guide to Applying Feng Shui to Your Kitchen for Prosperity in Life

Top 10 Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom

Many of tips can be followed without any big help. So if you're interested in how to bring feng shui in your bedroom, ahead you can read ten tips on how to do it. #Feng_Shui #Decoration

The Truth About Feng Shui — 14 Tips & Tricks To Amp Up Your Luck!

"DON'T leave your entryway without proper welcoming items. The qi has to hang out for a minute and circulate — it can't just spew into your living room uncomfortably. If you don't have a foyer, you'll need to create one. Just as in life, you must direct where energy goes, and this is the starting point. This area is known as your 'bright hall' and it should have fresh flowers, a Buddha, or some 'greeter.'"

usar Feng Shui en tu habitación

Asegúrate de que tu dormitorio no esté muy abarrotado. Mantenlo lo más libre y sencillo posible. No agregues sillas, lámparas o cuadros adicionales, si no estás seguro si te serán realmente necesarios. Entre más cosas tengas, será más difícil encontrar un equilibrio.