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Screen Free Activities For The Car - good simple list!

11 Screen Free Activities For The Car

DIY met karton - Flatout Frankie – Moodkids

DIY met karton - Flatout Frankie

DIY Cardboard Toys that look like you paid a fortune. Craft time with wrapping paper rolls, some left over cardboard boxes, and white paint.

10 Words You NEED  to Stop Misspelling!

Words We Need to Stop Misspelling by The Oatmeal. I have to admit this entails some of my biggest pet peeves.

Should do this!!!!....Do this every year.  Put them in a book for graduation present. This is an awesome idea!

First Grade to Graduation ~ have child answer the same questions each year - save with a yearly picture. Keep in a book & give it to them as a graduation present.

5 totally cool Bible apps for kids.  Will probably be outdated by the time I have kids, but maybe use during Sunday School?

Best Bible Apps for Kids

24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Girl to become a Lovely Woman

24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Girl to Become a Lovely Woman

24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Girl to Become a Lovely Woman - Club 31 Women

Teaching Young Children About God's Love - tips and tools for teaching toddlers and preschoolers about the love of God

Link's to the Truth for Tots Series. Has tons of resources! Bible verses for small and older children, songs to sing, Veggie Tales to watch, activities to do. I'm super skeptical about most Biblical teaching ideas

14 tricks to potty training success.  These are amazing!  I wish I had read this with my 3 boys, but I do still have one more to go.

14 Secrets to Potty-Training Success

14 secrets to potty-training success - includes best solutions to 5 tricky potty-training issues.Do you think the first potty training tip might be.Don't use a pink potty when you are potty training a boy?

"Wash & Brush" Timer. Light is green to go and blinks red when you can stop. For hand washing (20 sec) & Teeth brushing (2 min). Good idea.

"Wash & Brush" Timer -- green light flashes for 20 seconds for washing hands or 2 minutes for brushing teeth so kids know when time is up.good idea for my 2 & year old who thinks brushing teeth/washing hands for 5 seconds is enough!