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The .577 Nitro Express was descended from the .577 Black Powder Express, a cartridge invented by the late Samuel Baker who had Holland & Holland build him an express rifle in this caliber.This caliber is generally used for thick-skinned dangerous game such as elephant, rhino, & Cape buffalo. Even among professional ivory hunters of old it is typically treated as an emergency weapon carried by the hunter's gun bearer, reserved for stopping the charge of an enraged, wounded elephant in thick…

Ammo and Gun Collector: Nitro Express "Elephant Stopper Gun" and Ammo

Jeffrey Custom Leather holsters, concealed carry holsters

Jeffrey Custom Leather holsters, concealed carry, leather holsters, and yes I carry. Because a Policeman is too heavy !

I want this but with a lever action for the side

Firepower Rig

From Andrews Leather comes the Firepower Rig. The Monarch rig below is nice too even though is not dual pistol. The Urban Safari Rig below is pretty sweet.

Le pistolet tchèque à double action CZ75, chambré en 9 mm Parabellum, connaît également une version en 40S&W, capacité de 16 coups

Type: Double Action or Double Action Only Chamber: Luger/Para, IMI, Weight with empty magazine: 1000 g Length: 206 mm Barrel length: 120 mm Capacity: 16 or 12 round

Woodgrain Brown Leather Leg Holster by Dredmorsplunder on Etsy, $50.00

Woodgrain Brown Leather Leg Holster/ Perfect accessory for your Halloween costume

GunsDaily — By @texotahydrographics Kimber Tactical Pro II...

GunsDaily — By @texotahydrographics Kimber Tactical Pro II...


That door you just kicked in was locked for your protection, not mine." Totally want to hang this up across from the front door.

Purple On Black Garter Holster for Concealed Carry under Skirts.i want to get a permit now just so i can wear something badass like this

Xcoasties custom Kimber SIS     (Don't care for instagram either, but better words could have been used!! lol)

“ “ I am amazed how awesome these grips came out. If you are looking for some custom grips for your 1911 please get a hold of