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3 episodes of Out of Town in which Jack heads to Tregaron, in Wales, on a bitterly cold day to visit a sheep dog sale, and also does some fishing.

This program's a great gift for all dog lovers and children - over 80 minutes of joy for Border Collie lovers! It's a wonderful film for any dog loving family.

Dogs of the Shepherds is a book for all those who admire the most valuable of all the working dogs, the pastoral breeds: sheepdogs, cattle dogs and flock protection dogs, the indispensable farmer's servants and companion dogs for thousands of proud dog-owners across the globe.

Not all the dogs at Kings Green Farm are sheepdogs, but they all get along. Our latest DVD shows how puppies of any breed will learn from the adults, as well as from each other, and how the adults have a great time together, relaxing after work.

Remarkable Stories of Courage and Devotion. Foreword by Ben Fogle.

This film presents a step-by-step guide to training a gun dog. It explains how to teach a puppy good behaviour and a young dog obedience before gun dog training begins.

The books are Know Your Cats Cattle, Chickens, Donkeys, Ducks, Horses, Pigs, Rare Breeds, Dogs, Sheep, More Sheep and the latest book in the series - Know Your Goats.

Special Offer: all three sheepdog training DVDs for £39.95. Come Bye! and Away!, That'll Do! and Take Time!

Doug the Pug is a charming little baggy dog. Here, he shares tales of his busy life as a working dog. All royalties for this book will be donated to the Pets As Therapy.

The Pet Detectives. A fun and practical way for children to learn about the responsibilities of keeping Guinea Pigs before they get one.