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Switchfoot AND iCarly!!! Crucial parts of my life here, people!!!

Lol I don't know every single song yet and I can tell this is an older post bc there are now 9 albums and they are working on their but this is hilarious!


Grammy-winning rock gospel stalwarts of & You to Move,& joined by spiritual pop-punk band behind & My Escape&

Needle & Haystack Life - Red Eyes (Hello Hurricane) Afterlife - Where I Belong (Vice Verses) Perfect Switchfoot album bookends. I love the incorporation of same words! "In this needle and haystack life, I found miracles there in your eyes. It’s no accident we’re here tonight: We are once in a lifetime.” "I still believe we can live forever; you and I, we begin forever now. Forever now. Forever. I still believe in us together; you and I, we’re here together now. Together now. Together…

Needle Haystack Life by Switchfoot from Hello Hurricane. One of my favorite songs ever.

I dont feel this when we broke up . Im sorry because i know my heart is not for you f . I x try nk pujuk you sbb i dont have any feelings to do it . Then i know my heart is belong to t .

Good Vibes HERE (The Good Vibe)

It has broken my heart,so its love. And now,my heart is broken,its time to let go since its more painful to stay. Therefore,realizing that you love someone by knowing that you're hurt and ending up with a broken relationship

Meet 5 Seconds of Summer, Imagine Dragons, Genesis, Little Sea, Good Charlotte, Green Day & about a dozen other bands.

30 Seconds to Mars (DONE), Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Sleeping With Sirens(DONE), and Black Veil Brides.

Switchfoot : Emily Wilson

Switchfoot : Emily Wilson

Switchfoot Bro Am - Encinitas, CA

Switchfoot Bro Am - Encinitas, CA