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Misha and Jensen

(gif set) Gag Reel Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles (You're my baby daddy. LMAO so funny)

That would be my reaction too... hahahaha <-- I'm repinning this for this comment. Which is sooo true!

This is how a fangirl would be like if they met Dean and Sam. And if Dean and Sam were helping them as well.>>So Cas is a fangirl?

Their bond has grown and they have a special box of their souls and they dont want that to be dug up and released.

BUT as children they probably had to sleep in the same bed cause.most motels only have two beds.and I can see John Winchester being a bed hog :P

Wow I actually love this so much<<not only that but there in the place the other half of there ships are!

The awesome parallel scene with Cas and Gabriel in the Impala. <<<oh Gabe and Balthazar. And Lucifer are my favorite SPN characters, though I loved souless Sam as well xD

Supernatural fandom:

Dude, you have to see this

I'd jump on Sam's back as he ran by: let's be honest, if he can carry Dean, he can carry me to safety.<<if Sam and Dean are running from something, someone jumping on their backs would only result in a lot of stabbing<<<hehe i love the supernatural fandom

supernatural, booty

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

Yup the noise I made when viewing this wasn't natural either and now my cousins are looking at me weirdly<<<<my family's doing the same thing omfg


Dean: "Where's my car?" Sam: "Did you feed the meter?" Dean: "Yes I fed the meter. Sam, where's my car? Somebody stole my car!" Sam: "Hey, hey calm down." Dean: "I am calm down! Somebody stole my ca" Sam: "Dean. Hey, hey, take it easy. Take it easy"

Hahaha, oh, I love how much Jared loves Gen. It's adorable. #Supernatural

Boop ❤️ on


But The Suite Life of Zack and Cody wasn’t on when Dean was a kid. It started in when Dean was So that means he watched Disney Channel as an adult.

O•O oooohhhh!!! So that's why!!!!  Not to self: don't mess with dean.... Or you have to deal with his boyfriend.....

I love how everyone claims to "not ship Destiel", and yet there are a million of these things out there. :-) <<< I’m not claiming to not ship it, I totally ship it. I ship it so hard.

misha collins is life

"I'm going to wear it as a wormstache." - Don't be ridiculous, Jared, that's obviously the only rational thing to do with a worm. Jared Padalecki (Sam), Misha Collins (Castiel), and Jensen Ackles (Dean.

I love how Jared's just gone - Supernatural convention panel - Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki<------ I haven't seen supernatural but this is hilarious

[GIF SET] Every four years, Jensen feels the need to assure himself that Jared can still carry him. It's his subtle version of a human scale.

[GIF SET] Every four years, Jensen feels the need to assure himself that Jared can still carry him. It's his subtle version of a human scale. This was the best blooper